The British International School of Zagreb offers a standardised programme that is in line with the UK National Curriculum. Our entire programme is based on teaching and learning in English with foreign languages offered as supplementary electives. Admission to our school is open to any student who meets the expected requirements. Students who have severe physical, psychological or emotional needs will not be able to enrol into BISZ and we are more than happy to guide parents and their children in the right direction.

Admission Procedure

Families are encouraged to contact the school directly via phone or email and an appointment should be made. The appointment will consist of an interview and tour of the school with either the Principal and/or the School Coordinator. This initial visit is the first point of contact; both the student and parents can ask questions, meet teachers and get a thorough idea of the school.

A second follow up interview is organised where the school requires a copy of the students’ last two school reports. Parents must also complete the application forms which can be found below and return them signed to the school. These combined documents will be assessed by the Principal and school hierarchy and the students’ parents will be informed as soon as possible.

We offer a one off open day for potential students to come into his/her class and spend the day with the teacher and students in order to get a hands on experience of how our school and classes operate. This often helps in the decision making process for parents, the school and the student themselves.

Any further questions or issues you may have will be discussed at the second follow up interview.
It must be noted that any student whose English is not their first language, or does not come from an English language school may be given a written/oral test in order to assess their level and knowledge of English. This helps us identify if the student requires private tuition to excel their English so as to catch up to their peers. The level of support needed will be established and discussed. Private tuition is charged additionally.

When a student is deemed eligible for admission, their parents receive an acceptance form in two copies that needs to be signed and they are obliged to pay a non-refundable Admission Fee before their child’s name is placed on the class list.

The Principal will return one signed copy of the Acceptance Form and an original invoice. The student’s place is now reserved and a contract exists between the school and parents.

The Principal has the right to refuse admission to a student if:
1. it is decided that the student would not gain advantage educationally from the school's programmes;
2. the student has such a low academic/discipline record considered unsuitable for the BISZ community;
3. the special educational requirements needed for the student cannot be met by the school.

Enrolment Requirements and Procedures

The following enrolment requirements are:

Students in Grades 1-13 are placed in a class compatible with their age on evidence of successful completion of the preceding grade or year.

Students who are moving from a Southern Hemisphere school will continue in the same grade, eg. if a students finishes grade 4 in Australia in December, that student will complete the school year in grade 4 at BISZ (January-June).

Required Documents

The following documents must accompany your application for enrolment to the British International School of Zagreb. A student cannot be officially accepted until the school has received all the documents listed below:

  •   Application Forms
  •   School records for the previous two years
  •   Official translation into English of school records
  •   Proof of payment of admission fee
  •   Copy of passport picture page
  •   Enrolment Contract