Boarding experience

Boarding trips and activities

During the week students are involved in several after school activities. The activities include a variety of sports, recreation and extra-curricular activities.

They also have the opportunity of having free afternoons after their school day is over. Here they can spend time with classmates and boarding staff on campus; they can relax, pursue hobbies, socialise in one of our two lounge rooms or out on the terrace. Time is also allocated for personal shopping in joint co-ordination with the boarding matron.

Weekends are so valuable and we want our students to make the most of these days, therefore at least one activity is offered to our boarding students. Certain weekends will have pre-arranged activities organised by the school which students are expected to attend, whilst free weekends on the calendar will see the boarding matron meet with boarders during their house meeting time to brainstorm and discuss activities, trips, excursions and other forms of social and cultural enrichment.

Types of organised and staff-led activities:Types of student-driven activities:
swimming, basketball, volleyball, handball, table-tennis, yoga, gym & fitness, orienteering, running & cycling, dancing, basics of gymnastics, futsal
In-house recreation activities:
reading, board and card games, table soccer, arts and crafts, music sessions, cooking classes, home economics, billiards and pool games
media studies & movie-making, home economics, cooking, music, arts & crafts
Home entertainment:
TV-shows, movies, play-station, VR activities, robotics and 3D printing, gardening
visiting Zagreb’s museums, galleries, theatres and concerts, sporting events, city zoo and more
On campus sports:
running, yoga, basketball, table-tennis, fitness and weight training, dancing
cinema, watching live sports events & matches, board game evenings, VR activities
Overnight and Day Trips:
to neighbouring countries and cities including Budapest, Bratislava, Vienna, various Croatian cities, mountain and lake areas, the Adriatic coast, and national parks