September and October

The first half of the term is officially over with our students and staff taking a break to re-energise for the second part. It has been a successful period where many wonderful things have been happening at BISZ. Students have been to several theatres including PIF and Scena Vidra where they watched the classic ‘A Christmas Carol.’ Almost the entire school spent the day at Lake Jarun which was a ball! The weather was amazing and the children had lots of time to play, team building and get to know one another. Academically, our students are working hard in all key subject areas. Some of the highlights include Science Presentations on plants species through to volcanoes. Others took on roles as chefs and gave instructions on how to cook wonderful recipes. Poetry recitals have been reinforced with students taking the spotlight in class whilst reciting given poems. The theme for our school assemblies this year is on famous musical artists and bands with presentations on Michael Jackson, The Beatles and Beyoncé up till now. And the school term was capped off with a Halloween Costume Day which was spookily fun!