Primary students presentation of the British International School of Zagreb

Primary students of the British International School of Zagreb presented their works that they had been diligently creating for the past 6 weeks in the library. On a pre-selected topic, they researched the material, extracted important information and then created a poster in order to better and more easily show their colleagues that they themselves had mastered the topic assigned to them. As it is a British international school, we could hear interesting facts about women throughout history, Great British people or Britons, space and the human brain. All this was researched by our diligent students, collected data and delighted us with a wonderful presentation. With a lot of new information and interesting events, the students exchanged ideas and created the impression of a real desire to learn the material and transfer knowledge to the other participants of this event. We will be honest in the description, so we can say that the professors learned some of the things for the first time at these presentations